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I am the founder and featured speaker of Esther’s Purpose. I began in 2014 holding several conferences per year. I now hold them annually in Augusta, GA however I can bring this life changing event to your city by simply going to my contact page and extending the invitation.

Esther’s purpose is a two day event. The experience begins on friday night with an illustration of how an individual can be impacted by a crisis in their life, then pass that hurt on to all who are connected to them.

Day two of the conference teaches the previous nights participants that they are now in a new place, explains how to never go back to their old way of thinking and doing things, and then provides them with the tools necessary to maintain what was learned and to continue the healing process.

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“After attending my first Esther’s Purpose Conference my eyes were opened to the reality that I was not the only one dealing with this problem and there were things I could do to cope with this. During the conference experience I realized that we all wear masks to portray who we think others in our life want us to be and by doing that we cause more stress on our bodies than it can handle putting our emotional and physical being in jeopardy."

Amanda E.

“I can truly say that Valerie’s ability to engage her audience through her illustrations are amazing. Before you know it, you have forgotten that you’re at an event and you have transcended into the illustration where the initial steps of your personal self-help process can begin.”

Lisa P.

“I met Valerie when I was going through a dark period of my life that was full of challenges and disappointments. During one of her conferences Valerie inspired me with her ability to be transparent through her storytelling. She motivated me to change my way of thinking by loving myself and setting up healthy boundaries in my life.”

Sharnetta M.